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Illustrations for assessing abilities
Galantusz Grafika munka

As part of the project, we created over 250 colorful A4-sized images depicting various concepts.

The tasks included:

  • We needed inspiring illustrations that stimulate the viewer's senses. The basic ideas were provided by different concepts, such as wealth and hope, which we had to visually interpret.
  • The work encompassed 14 different themes, requiring approximately 20 illustrations for each theme.
  • All the images were produced on paper.

This two-year project was a tremendous success. The illustrations were created for a career counseling company in France, aimed at helping individuals about to make career choices uncover their abilities through an intuition-based approach. This experimental project placed a strong emphasis on psychology.

A few years later, there was a need for illustrations for the same project again. When they contacted us, the secretary, who also acted as an interpreter, whispered to us that the Lady Boss specifically asked for Ági to be brought back for the task, saying that no one else could create these drawings like her.


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Grafikai tervező: Ujréti Ágnes
Telefon: +36(70)563-1435


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