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Creating Coloring Pages and Small Graphics
Galantusz Grafika illustracion

Project Background

This project is a result of the work by Galantusz Graphics, during which Edit Czmerk-Prisztács, a renowned children's book author, once again entrusted us to create coloring pages and small graphics for her latest book, "Colorful Personality". Based on her positive past experiences, she chose to partner with us again for this creative process.

Defining the Task

The goal of the project was to create 17 coloring pages centered around the theme of friendship. Additionally, numerous supplementary graphics were produced, depicting friendly characters. This concept perfectly matched the message conveyed by the book, which aims to showcase the value and diversity of friendship.

Creative Process

We were given complete creative freedom, allowing us to blend our own ideas and style with the project's needs. The first step involved thorough research on friendship as a theme, considering its various aspects and how it relates to the book. This was followed by the creation of sketches, developing multiple concepts from which the most suitable ones were selected and further refined.

During the design of the coloring pages and graphics, we worked closely with Edit to ensure the final products perfectly complemented the book's atmosphere and message. We carefully crafted each figure and scene to support and enrich the book's narrative.

The Outcome

As a result, 17 unique coloring pages and numerous adorable supplementary graphics were produced, faithfully reflecting the essence of the "Colorful Personality" book. These friendly figures and scenes not only entertain but also offer children the opportunity to develop their manual dexterity and creativity in a playful manner while learning about important values.

The book and its accompanying coloring pages significantly contribute to enriching children's literature, giving young readers the chance to understand the importance of friendship in a playful and interactive way. This project was not just a commission for us; it provided an opportunity to be part of a creative process that conveys real value.

Purchasing the Book

The "Colorful Personality" book and its coloring pages are available through the following link, where interested parties can find more information: Purchase the Book.

This project once again proves the effectiveness of the creative collaboration with Galantusz Graphics and reaffirms our commitment to creating quality, value-driven creative content.


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