Illustrations and graphic design

A few words about the beginnings

Since 2000 on the market

Galantusz Grafika is an online business. We work without borders. For the first five years, we only made cartoon. During this time, we participated in a number of very successful productions such as: Mr. Bean, Rege a csodaszarvasról, Percy the Park Keeper, Angelina Ballerina ... It was during this period that we learned character drawing. Using this knowledge, we began to illustrate the tale and design the publications.

Today, we are present in many European countries with our illustrations.


We make illustrations from classic genres to entertaining literature. We make your writing more special with matching ideas and carefully designed figures. Through our action-packed, eventful compositions, a moment of writing comes to life almost.

We can adapt to the style and idea you want. If necessary, we work independently or implement the specific idea of the client.

Time and flexibility

We try to adapt to the schedule and deadlines of our clients. Additional rounds may be required if necessary. To achieve the best results, we provide ideas, taking into account market needs. Therefore, the original deadlines cannot be met in all cases. There may be unforeseen requests, obstacles that may arise over time and were not visible during the bidding process. We can only bridge and resolve this with extra time.
Creating an illustration takes 2-3 business days on average.

How the illustrations are made

When we start a new project, we read through the material. This material can be a specific reading or an idea from the author. We then make a sketch, design the characters and the visual world according to the image formed in us. This usually takes more time. Once these sketches are accepted by the client, work begins.

Today, most of our figures are made using some digital technique, although we use paper for sketches.

What illustrations do we make?

In addition to storybooks, we illustrate novels, language books, and color pages. Our digital works are usually requested as gifts, wall decorations, in which case the client receives them as a poster or canvas, but we cannot frame them.

At what price do we work?

Based on the received material, we will give you a price offer. This is highly dependent on the completion time because well-designed graphics are rarely produced in a single business day, it is already possible to estimate what price range we are working in.

Introduction of our company

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