• Valuable storybooks

    Valuable storybooks

    The value of a storybook is also determined by the illustrations. Contact us!

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  • The tale as reality

    The tale as reality

    Through our characters and visual world, we can cast the characters of the fairytale world into a visible form.

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  • From classic to modern

    From classic to modern

    Our illustrations combine classic freehand drawing with the possibilities of the digital world.

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Those wonderful characters

An expressive detail with charming characters

Children are drawn to the illustrations in the storybook. It is important for them that the characters in the tale stimulate their imagination. We can make such illustrations for the kids.
Fairy tale illustration, illustration making

How to illustrate

Most of our illustrations are digital creations already. The effects of traditional techniques can also be well imitated by digital techniques.
Fairy tale illustration - illustration making - book illustration
Storybook illustration


Storybooks without illustrations make it feel like watching a silent opera. Yet much of our work is as defining as that of the author.


After the invitation, we negotiate style, mood, characters. From the information obtained, we create an outline of the pictorial world of the tale, which we finalize in consultation with the author.
Mese illusztrálása - illusztráció készítés

Selections from our work so far

  • Kocsi Erika: Nemzeti-Érték Mesék

    Kocsi Erika: Nemzeti-Érték Mesék

    Cover design, illustrations and prepress

  • Hazai Hősök Kft: Magyar hírességek

    Hazai Hősök Kft: Magyar hírességek

    Illustration based on specified criteria.

  • Minerva kiadó: Pastel örökbefogadása

    Minerva kiadó: Pastel örökbefogadása

    Book cover graphics, fairy tale illustrations, prepress

  • Takács Sára: A mikulás élete

    Takács Sára: A mikulás élete

    Book cover graphics, fairy tale illustrations, prepress

  • Cleg Human Kft: pszichológiai illusztrációk

    Cleg Human Kft: pszichológiai illusztrációk

    Illustrating concepts, feelings, senses for competency tests according to a given topic.

  • Archiregnum: Online játék karakterek

    Archiregnum: Online játék karakterek

    Character design based on specified criteria.

  • Steiner Gyöngyi: Tanyasi világ

    Steiner Gyöngyi: Tanyasi világ

    Cover and illustrations

  • Szomjoltóság: kiadványok tervezése

    Szomjoltóság: kiadványok tervezése

    Kids magazine, illustration, DVD cover, diploma design

  • Szent Gellért Kiadó: Borító grafikák

    Szent Gellért Kiadó: Borító grafikák

    Multiple requests for cover art and book illustrations

  • Sás Károly: A tanyán

    Sás Károly: A tanyán

    Book cover, CD cover, illustrations, prepress

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